ImageAt Callahan Freyberger, we are not a transactional firm. Simply meaning, we care about the financial stability and success of our client, so much that we make decisions based upon the determining factors that ensure growth. With the growth, both the acquired Partner and the client firm will experience the most appropriate platform to succeed. We are not engaged for fees. Yes, this is our business and yes, we make a living doing so; however, we will refrain from client engagements where simple headcount is needed and no strategic vision is applied or being developed.


At Callahan Freyberger, we adhere to the Am Law 100 revenue metrics and rankings. In our acquisition of Partner talent, we strictly prioritize Profits per Partner; Gross Revenue per Attorney; and Average Attorney Compensation. We believe in the holistic strategy of Value per Partner. We incorporate this in each engagement, reassuring our mission and execution aligns positively with a newly acquired Partner and/or Group, as well as the client firm.


Value per Partner • defined as Compensation paid to all Attorneys divided by the total number of Attorneys.


Lateral Partners are educated and can make sound professional decision with the firm information we provide. Firm intangibles or intelligence factors of the firm that may be applied here are: How a firm sets policy on expenses; are they liberal or strict with personal expenses being applied or submitted; the client firm’s structure on capitalization versus compensation; the client firm’s strategy on Partnership structure. All intelligence necessary for the Partner.


Callahan Freyberger creates value. Our priority has been and will remain increasing growth capital and shareholder return and supporting investment strategies, through strategic Partner Talent Acquisition and Leadership. Callahan Freyberger is driven by Client ROI, Best Practices, first-class Customer Service and global deployment experience.



















Globális – glo•bá•lis. From Latin globalis


• Global; all-inclusive, all-encompassing all parts of the world.
• Worldwide; Universal; of or relating to the entire world.
• Borderless Boundaries; International; Intercontinental.

• The Callahan Freyberger database, "Globalis." A cutting edge comprehensive Talent network built with global analytics, inclusive of every international marketplace, transcending borders, business communities, languages, currencies, countries and nations. Accurate. Analytical. Effective. Real-time. Powerful.




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