ImagePeople drive business. People drive organizations. People drive technology. People drive relationships. Talent. The appropriate talent is synonymous with people. It is the talent that will define and empower these global law firms and ultimately, the success of our client base and in turn, their client engagements. We are part of the equation.


Callahan Freyberger is a proven industry leader in the acquisition of talent. Specifically, Lateral Partners who have established themselves as leaders of industry. We are recruiting the Best in Class of Partners, catalysts who manage assessments, conflict, change, disputes, acquisitions, operations, and the ever evolving globalization of law. We are in touch with the Legal Brokers of the international marketplace, from the legal epicenter of New York, to D.C. and San Francisco to the exploding marketplace of Los Angeles, to the current litigation capital of London, to Paris, to the Asia Pacific region of Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo to emerging marketplaces of Dubai, Prague, Sydney, and Sao Paulo. Our recruiting system is promoted through borderless boundaries, cross-border acquisition. GLOBALIS, the CF Database, a global schematic launching pad to Talent.


We operate in the necessary marketplaces that our clients engage their constituents. We are where our clients go. We are experts with the Lateral Partner and Group Deployment. In partnering with our client firms, we deliver solutions for every level of Legal need, inclusive of Principals, Associates, Interns, Administration, Diversity and Operations. Callahan Freyberger focuses on partnerships and a systematic process, enabling us to establish and maintain a global database of accomplished Legal leaders and the “Minds of the Mission.” Our recruiting pedigree qualifies and aligns Lateral Partners to the very best opportunity, not just for our client, but for that Partner‘s professional life as well.


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Globális – glo•bá•lis. From Latin globalis


• Global; all-inclusive, all-encompassing all parts of the world.
• Worldwide; Universal; of or relating to the entire world.
• Borderless Boundaries; International; Intercontinental.

• The Callahan Freyberger database, "Globalis." A cutting edge comprehensive Talent network built with global analytics, inclusive of every international marketplace, transcending borders, business communities, languages, currencies, countries and nations. Accurate. Analytical. Effective. Real-time. Powerful.




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