ImageCallahan Freyberger employs Talent Acquisition Hiring Intelligence. Analytics and Performance-oriented Data, according to Am Law 200, presently have a quarter of all firms implementing. We support this Hiring Intelligence as merely a component of the overall strategy in answering the ultimate question: Who (Partner) and How Much?


In measuring and acquiring a Lateral Partner, Callahan Freyberger uses predictive data that will show how a successful Partner will do with a larger more complex global platform of our client. While always maintaining the industry-wide standard of a Lateral Partner migrating 70% of their Book of Business to our client firm, we attempt to quantify and become as close to absolute as metrically possible. Traditional statistics also are applied to Partners.


Callahan Freyberger confirms, qualifies and attempts to acquire Performers. We have a saying, always be mindful of pure Performance with Partners while being attracted or dissuaded by their credentials and pedigree. The proven Partner who has accomplished and is presently operating a healthy Book of Business is the Callahan Freyberger standard. In our evaluations, we employ our equation of “Absolute, Anticipated, and Pipeline.” We investigate and confirm the Partner business that is absolute or existing; anticipated or present business development; and lastly, their business that is in the origination stage, in their pipeline. Also of strategic importance in Performance decisions is the Partner’s actual ability to operate their own Practice: Billing, Generating Revenue, and Collections.


There is no Golden Wand that delivers the guarantee of Partner Performance. However, Callahan Freyberger exhausts every aspect of our Due Diligence for our client firms. We recruit high performing Partners that have a high interest and expectation for compensation. We partner with global law firms who create and maintain a growth strategy that will attract Lateral Partners, which in turn empowers the firm to likely acquire larger markets, larger client and engage their client with higher bill rates. Decreasing revenue is consistent with Partners departing the law firm within one year, which is why we remain engaged in the growth and sustainability strategy of our client firms.


In every organization and employment hire, there are also strategic Human Resources metrics that are applicable. HR Performance metrics are invaluable and must be confirmed. Callahan Freyberger is led by a professional HR Executive with a Doctorate level education in Human Resources (HR) and Organizational Development (O/D).



















Globális – glo•bá•lis. From Latin globalis


• Global; all-inclusive, all-encompassing all parts of the world.
• Worldwide; Universal; of or relating to the entire world.
• Borderless Boundaries; International; Intercontinental.

• The Callahan Freyberger database, "Globalis." A cutting edge comprehensive Talent network built with global analytics, inclusive of every international marketplace, transcending borders, business communities, languages, currencies, countries and nations. Accurate. Analytical. Effective. Real-time. Powerful.




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